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CQ-DATV is a new electronic only magazine. I say new, it was first published in February 2013. Yes it's an ATV magazine and no it's not just DATV. It covers analogue technology too. What is different is that CQ-DATV is a monthly publication and so it is bang up to date with the latest ATV news and events, but it is also a free magazine that is now read in over 250 countries.

Electronic publishing is a very convenient and popular mode of magazine production. CQ-DATV is published in several formats from PDF through all the eBook formats. So you can download the format that is right for you and read it on your iPad, Kindle, mobile phone or humble PC. There is a download format that is just right for you.

What is in CQ-DATV? Well news and events, as you would expect along with technical and constructional projects from around the world. Everything we think you would like to read. Go along to our resource centre where you can browse all our back issues and download any copy you want. No logins, no passwords or accounts required this is an amateur magazine written by amateurs. So far 90,000 issues have been downloaded since our first publication.

We have followed the progress of GB3FY ATV repeater from design to completion and on air testing. We have published lots of constructional projects from home made dummy loads and power meters, through to frequency counters. We have tamed the Ardunio micro and shown how to use it in many ATV and DATV applications with all the code used being made available through our resource centre. We have broken new ground using surplus eBay YIGS for simple ATV transmission. We have covered amateur film production using free software and elevated this up to professional standards. We have been out meeting and greeting the public with our first rally stand at NARSA in the North of England. What haven't we done?

So now you can be one of our readers or better still one of our Contributors. We would love to hear from you, to share any ATV activity in your area with our readers. CQ-DATV magazine is we hope, what you have been waiting for. Please download and enjoy. If it's not for you, well we would like to offer a full refund, but as we do not charge, that might be a little difficult.

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